Fuzz Steam Curly Machine Weft Hair Bundles

Product Overview
Made from high quality materials such Raw Human Hair , in combination with high-tech and friendly-environmental methods, our Fuzz Steam Curly Machine Weft Hair Bundles own many outstanding features
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Materials Origin We guarantee all of our products in Pearl Collection are 100% Virgin Human Hair which is collected directly from healthy donors in their 20s. What are its perks?
  • Cuticle intact and run in the same direction
  • Tangle-free and shedding-free
  • Soft, smooth and pure
  • Long-lasting beauty
  • How to take care of our Curly Weft bundles 

    Shortly, our curly bundles with closure are made from hot steam which cannot rejuvenate itself as your natural tresses do. Hence, a strictly hair care routine is important

    Firstly, wash your hair wisely. You usually ignore this step which is absolutely a big mistake in hair care. Some things you need to note in cleansing your hair are choosing right products (sulfate-free, no strong cleansing substances), conditioning your hair every shampoo, drying your hair with low heat and diffuser, and add hair styling products as well as moisturizers.

    Secondly, deep conditioning/moisturizing is of importance. The curly bundles with closure themselves have tendency to get frizzy and lose moisture quickly. Hence, a deep treatment makes sense. How to do? Just a piece of cake! Buying a favorable product is a good option. However, a DIY natural hair mask works even better.


    Last but not least, sleeping beauty. Before soaking up your sweet dream, don’t forget to wrap your hair with a silk bonnet or a silk scarf. If your scalp are dryness type, add some drops of essential oils which both moisturize your hair, nourish your scalp and keep them healthy.

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